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Advantages of Electric Compress Ball


1. It is safety to massage and compress because the AC adapter will convert 100-240 Volts or AC (Alternating Current) into DC (Direct Current) 24 Volts.The engineers designed by using the PID Controller  into a Thai’s ancient stove which is high technology to contain a microchip. It is stabilizes the temperature of the same kind of the industrial factories controller and It can offer a heat range from 1 - 120 Degrees Celsius.

2. Time saving and easy to use without having to waste time steaming or baking in a microwave oven before using.

3. Long-term money saving (in case of using electric steamer or microwave oven)

4. Extension lifetime of air conditioner's compressor (in case of massage in air-conditioned room) and reduce odor.

5. The heat insulated handle provides massager comfort while massaging and compressing.

6. Ability to set temperature from high to low in order to provide more comfort.

7. Maintains the set temperature throughout the massage.

8. It can use to massage and compress abdomen to eliminate amniotic fluid from women after gave birth, tighten uterus, loosen fascia and reduce abdominal fat.

9. Can be used to compress with herbal powder and massage with any kinds of oil, balm, zingiber cassumunar and slimming cream.

10. Because the set temperature is distributed to each individual elements, blood circulation is improved due to the expansion of the blood vessels. Relieves muscle pain, decreases muscle tension, facilitate joint motion such as finger locks, sprains, relieve bruises and release fascia.

11. Massaged person will gain both body balance and relaxation. A feeling of energized body with replenished energy and a feeling of greater recovery. Resulting in an increased performance and well being.

12. It can use to massage and compress by yourself, especially around neck, arms, legs, shoulders, palms, soles etc.

13. Can be used in all kinds of massage such as Thai massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, Chinese massage, Balinese massage, Indian massage, etc. It can be used in the spa business by massage Instead of hot stone, oil massage instead of hands, and physical therapy.