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Details of Electric Compress Ball

PID Controllers  shape into a Thai ancient stove

(Proportional Band, Integral Time, Derivative Time)


The PID Controller : Which contains a microchip, it stabilizes the temperature and it offers a heat range from 30 - 120 Degrees Celsius. It made of durable polymer which is fire-proof, strong structure, resistible to some kind of chemical and is used for keeping Electric Compress Ball.


Electric Compress Ball: The newly innovative Compress Ball is designed for massages and body compress. It can be used to massage and compress and can work in conjunction with oil and herbal powder. It can use with slimming cream to reduce abdominal fat.


Saloo Cotton Bag: It is used to cover the base of the Electric Compress Ball and can contain herbal powder to improve compress. The soft and thin fabric absorbs and distributes the heat throughout.



AC Adapter: Converts AC or Alternating Current from 100-240 Volts into low current 24 Volts or DC Current for safety of massage and compress end users.