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We are a manufacturer and supplier of the Electric Compress Ball manufacturer. This new and innovative product, which uses advance technology, is designed by Thai engineers and is made to replace the former Thai herbal compress ball. The combination of traditional science and natural products, that have been around for years, have been combined together in order to provide a more effective and comfortable massage. The Electric Compress Ball assists the massager in offering a quality service. The Electric Compress Ball is based on the basic fundamental Thai massage which allows the body to reach a sense of balance and relaxation. A safe and easy to use product made for massages and compress, it can be used in conjunction with numerous oils and herbal powders. Because of it s advanced technology, the temperature of the device is controlled by a microchip within it is "PID Controller"  , permitting control and comfort to the massage and compress end users.

Electric Compress Ball $850/Set

There are three things per one set. (1) Power Heat Ball (2) PID Controller (3) AC Adapter


1. Insert the female jack of Electric Compress Ball into the socket of the stove. (PID Controller)

2. Insert the female jack of AC adapter into the socket at the back of the stove. (PID Controller).

3. Insert the plug of AC adapter into the wall socket which uses 110 – 240 Volts. As the temperature changes, it will be displayed automatically on the card.

4. Setting the temperature by pressing up button  (DEC) or down button  (INC) on the stove (PID Controller) to the desired warmth setting. For checking real temperature please press SET.

5. Let the machine to be warm at least 30 minutes before using to massage and compress.


1. Don't start with high temperature

2. Don't compress directly on the wound

3. Be careful in diabetic, high blood pressure, heart disease patients, pregnant women and paralytic patients.

4. Don't take a shower immediately after massaged and compressed. It should wait about 15 - 30 minutes in order to let the body’s temperature to recover to be a normal body’s temperature.

5. Don't massage and compress after drank alcohol.


1. How to hold an Electric Compress Ball : Take your thumb and index finger to make a V shape. Then, insert your fingers under the grip of Electric Compress Ball and put the remaining on a wood part of it. If slippery from using with oil or cream to wipe out before

2. How to use an Electric Compress Ball with Herbal powder and Oil Massage : Please see the brochures! It can be applied with the science of massage.

3. When using massage to reduce abdominal fat : Please massage right clockwise by oil mix with slimming cream. At temperatures about 50 Degrees Celsius or more depending on the amount of cream and massage oils that are more or less the size and thickness of the membrane.

4. While putting an Electric Compress Ball on the stove control to change positions, look at the screen that temperature is much higher. If you want to continue massage but the compress ball too hot, you can take oil on your body and massage quickly. Or maybe use massage cream, oil, or balm dripping into the compress bottom and the temperature is gradually reduced.

5. Never forget! Before starting massage please see the screen every time that temperature should not exceed 48 Degrees Celsius. If over please do not place a hot compress to a standstill on the body, it will make you feel too hot. Require hand movements compress ball all time. After massaging about 5 - 10 minutes you can be ramped up to 2-3 Degrees Celsius.

6. Normal human temperature is 37 Degrees Celsius. So massage with hot temperatures have to be careful that the oil massage should be used on delicate skin (necks, arms, legs, shoulders, insteps) the temperature should be around 43-45 Degrees Celsius. But the back and foot sole the temperature should be around 45 - 48 Degrees Celsius. If it feels too hot to fill oil to the body. If higher temperatures please moving the compress ball quickly.

Channels to do business by using the safety Electric Compress Ball of KP's computer system:

1. Use herbal powder after massage by hands :: Do not steam urgency because there's microchip temperature control.

2. Use oil massage instead of by hands :: It continued warm that you will get the healing and relaxing and you can set the heat temperature.

3. Use instead of hot stonemassage :: Easy to use, long-lasting, and the massager’s hand don’t be heated because there is an insulation inside the Electric Compress Ball. You can massage the desired rank.

4. Massage to lose fat, membrane and eliminate cellulite 100% :: Does not hurt like using a fat burning massage machine or avoid hitting as it may cause damage to internal organs. Just use an Electric Compress Ball with oil or cream and massage to the abdominal. Easy to use and can be used by yourselves that also helps the digestive system, relieve menstrual pain and amniotic fluid expulsion. Please contact trial services at the booth (Tel. +6681-9376898) special charges ฿ 600/ hour that the result is satisfactory within 1 hour.

5. Apply to the physical therapy :: Used as one in the elderly and paralysis patients, it can help to relieve muscle pain,muscle tension, reduce fascia and promote good blood circulation.

6. For women after childbirth :: Help amniotic fluid excretion, eliminate fat and membrane. Easy to use and can be used with all parts of the body.

7. Suitable for use in combination with the Guasa therapy :: Using Electric Compress Ball with oil to massage muscles to relax the tendon stiffness to flexibility. Then, use Guasa Therapy (Chinese Therapy) or alternately which does not hurt or bruised as much, and also helps dissolve viscous blood by warm constantly from electric herbal ball. The heat will help to loosen the membrane which is good for blood circulation making recovery of migraine pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, coccyx pain, waist pain, arms pain and legs pain. You can try a Guasa Therapy at booth display and get the Guasa Therapy skills training with guaranteed to see results within 30 minutes. Especially jammed shoulder that do not give arms up because the tendon moving to the bone underneath. Contact Tel: +66 81 937 6898.


Oil Massage with Electric Compress Ball



* More information please contact (+66) 081 937 6898, Line ID: lovepandadog *

Sell Electric Compress Ball

It can use to massage and compress by yourself, especially around neck, arms, legs, shoulders, palms, soles etc.

Thai Herbal Ball Supplier

Can be used to compress with herbal powder and massage with any kinds of oil, balm, zingiber cassumunar and tighten fat cream.

Hot Compress Massage

Because the set temperature is distributed to each individual elements, blood circulation is improved due to the expansion of the blood vessels.

Herbal Compress Export

Relieves muscle pain, decreases muscle tension, facilitate joint motion such as finger locks, sprains, relieve bruises and release fascia.

Spa Compress Ball

Massaged person will gain both body balance and relaxation. A feeling of energized body with replenished energy and a feeling of greater recovery.

Compress with Herbal Powder

It can be used in any kinds of massage business, spa business and for physical therapy.

Thai Massage Oil

Can be used to compress with herbal powder and massage with any kinds of oil, balm, zingiber cassumunar and tighten fat cream.

Herbal Ball

It can use to massage and compress abdomen to eliminate amniotic fluid from women after gave birth, tighten uterus.

Thai Herbal Compress

A safe and easy to use product made for massages and compress, it can be used in conjunction with numerous oils and herbal powders.

Spa and Herbal Ball Massage

A safe and easy to use product made for massages and compress, it can be used in conjunction with numerous oils and herbal powders.

Thai Compress Massage

Time saving and easy to use without having to waste time steaming or baking in a microwave oven before using.

Herbal Compress

Extension lifetime of air conditioner’s compressor (in case of massage in air-conditioned room) and reduce odor.

Hot Compress Ball

The heat insulated handle provides massager comfort while massaging and compressing.

PID Controller

Ability to set temperature from high to low in order to provide more comfort.

Herbal Massage Ball

Maintains the set temperature throughout the massage.

Oil Massage with Electric Compress Ball

Perfectly for massage with oil because of its stainless steel base that can move easily.

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